I miss blogging…

There’s something about having my own blog, that’s not a tumblr (which is really more social media than blog), where I can rant about whatever strikes me, and a place to point longer-form thoughts at. So, I’m making a new blog. And this time, because I want to blog about my work, I’m doing it under my own name, instead of a pseudonym. It should go without saying, all opinions are my own, and may not be endorsed by my employer!

So who the heck am I?

Image of a white woman with blue/green ombre hair wearing sunglasses
Me right after I got “mermaid hair” for the first time.

How does one really describe themselves? I could do the standard intro from class:

I’m a student at FSU in the MSI program, I work at the University of Florida Library, I’m married, with one kid, and I like to read.

Me at the start of some class probably

But does that really get to the heart of who a person is? There’s so much missing there, about my history, my identities, my hobbies, my interests. Really, who I am is going to come out over the course of this blog. The best thing to do is come along for this journey with me! This is a personal blog and I suck at having themes for things (hellooooo ADHD!) so the content will consist of whatever I want to yell into the void about today. I can tell you, it will involve day-to-day stuff (though my Twitter @KestrelSWard will have most of that on any given day), things I’m thinking about in regards to librarianship as a baby librarian, things I’m thinking about on the social justice front, queer stuff, research stuff, more than a little about the university and the union (UNIONIZE MOTHERFUCKERS!), and definitely quite a lot about books, maybe some anime, probably some other things as well. There will absolutely be swearing. Probably lots of it. I like words, and I like sweary words sometimes.

What things won’t be here are any pictures of my kid showing his face (those go behind locked accounts only for the most part, because he has the right to create his own online identity when he’s old enough), any real names for people probably, unless I’m specifically calling out/calling in someone with more power than me/a public figure, or any NSFW images. However, caveat on that last, I work in an art library, my standards for SFW may be different than yours, so if you absolutely cannot have boobs on your screen, even if they are the Venus di Milo, then this is your warning not to look while at work!

So here’s the basics: I’m a white, disabled, neurodivergent, queer, cis woman. Wife, mother, student, librarian*. As for the rest? You’ll have to subscribe to find out! 😏

I suck at posting schedules (see aforementioned ADHD), so the RSS feed will be your friend. But I’ll also be posting all posts to Twitter automatically, so feel free to follow me there as well!

Let’s get this adventure started!

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