“Love on the Road” Project

One of my final classes of my MLIS degree this semester was a Digital Productions class, where we basically learned about editing photos, audio, and video. Mostly I knew how to do these things already, self-taught with Youtube tutorials and just playing around with the software Apple products come standard with. But it was nice to get some formal training, see where I was going wrong, and get feedback on what I was doing right. Anyway, our final product was a video telling a story of our choosing. There was a lot of interest from my classmates in a story from my childhood on the road with the Renaissance faires, so I decided to tell the story of how my parents met, had me, and got married (yes in that order). The videos were only allowed to be 2 minutes long, so it’s pretty short, but feel free to check it out if you want. If nothing else, I have some pretty cute baby pictures in there if I do say so myself. 😉

The photos are mostly family photos that I digitized with my phone (hence the not stellar quality of the digitization. The photos themselves are also not in great shape). The music was my favorite part of making this video though. The music is “The Maiden Lane” by The Gypsy Guerrilla Band, who are old family friends who still travel the Renaissance faire circuit. Their music was the soundtrack to my childhood. They used to play next to our booth all the time, and I would go out and dance to their tunes from as early as I can remember. So it only seemed appropriate to use their music to embellish my video, and Jim and Joyce were kind enough to grant me permission. If you like it, be sure to check them out! This song and others are on Apple music, and Spotify. But of course, the best way to get their music is to go see one of their performances and buy a CD!

I view this video as part of my quest to share my unusual childhood. I still think about writing a book, because a few blog posts and a two minute video don’t even begin to scratch the surface. But until I do that, I’ll keep sharing stories and things here.

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