Hands off our Hormones!

a banner on the ground with the transgender symbol and the words "Hand off Our Hormones" in black with handprints in trans pride colors.

As you may have heard, the Florida government is attempting to meddle in trans health-care in a very disturbing way. First there are the bills aimed at making gender affirming care for minors not only illegal but tantamount to child abuse and grounds for removal of the child. 1 Perhaps less well-known was the audit of the University’s student health center gender affirming care patients by the legislature. It’s only a matter of time before gender affirming care is made illegal for adults in this state.

But the trans students of UF are not taking this lying down. The students I organize with for various issues came up with a brilliant protest march based off the incredibly moving protest by Lindsey Spero in front of the Legislature earlier this year. The newly-formed UF Queer Liberation Front organized a march and inject-in in front of the student health center. I was incredibly honored for this to be my first time marshalling at a protest march, a role that quickly made me fall into my typical “mom-friend” role, making sure everyone had water and supplies they needed.

We marched from the corner of campus into the heart of campus to the student health center. In front of the health center we set up and had several speakers, and then those who felt moved to it went up front and injected their hormones all together. It was really lovely, and although I forgot to bring my T with me so I couldn’t participate, I was incredibly proud of all these brave young folks. They are fighting the good fight, and I’m glad to stand beside them, because soon enough the state will be coming after my hormones too. They haven’t made any moves yet on making gender affirming healthcare illegal for everyone, but that is absolutely next on the list. They want us dead or buried in the closet so deep there’s no chance of daylight reaching us. They know the statistics on trans youth suicide 2 and not only do they not care, they encourage it. These people literally think a child is better off dead than trans, and that is disgusting. Utterly shameful.

Anyway, for the trans people in your life, whether you know about them or not, please call or write your congress-critter and advocate for us. Advocate for our dignity, for our bodily autonomy, and for our safety. I use ResistBot to do my writing. It’s fast, it’s simple, and you don’t have to look anything up. Text “Resist” to 50409 and follow the prompts to write or call. We need you to stand with us. Will you answer the call?

  1. Florida Senate Bill 254 filed by Clay Yarborough
  2. 82% of trans people have considered suicide and 40% have attempted it according to pubmed: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32345113/

4 thoughts on “Hands off our Hormones!

  1. Over my many decades, everyone I’ve seen transition has been more joyful, more fulfilled, and more engaged in their communities afterward. No matter anyone’s concerns about risks of newer medications, we know the old way of not having or banning transgender healthcare just leads to death and despair. It is shameful that anyone who calls themselves a Christian would want to see people dead because they’re different. Grateful for you and these students and in touch with my own representatives about things in my state and nationally.

    1. Thank you for reaching out to your reps! That’s the most important thing right now. They have to believe there will be ballot consequences if they continue to peddle this hate.

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