Upcoming Event: Queer History Teach-in Fall 2023

Howdy folks. Just wanted to make a short post announcing that my research partner Evie and I will be presenting at the Invisible Histories Project’s Queer History Fall Teach in on November 18th from 11am-2pm CST. Ours is the first presentation at 11am CST. Here is more about the Teach In from the flyer

Queer information and resources are heavily under attack in libraries, K-12 schools, and universities across the U.S. Book challenges and bills banning the teaching of Queer history and information (or even the mention of it) are emerging in multiple states and across the south.

As an organization dedicated to collecting, preserving and making community accessible the Queer history of the deep south, the Invisible Histories Project is fighting back against this type of censorship. One way we’re doing this is by holding a virtual Queer History Teach In on

Saturday, November 18th 11:00 am-2:30 pm, CST 

Each presentation will be 10-12 minutes long, with 1-2 audience questions, so you can pop in and out of the event or hang with us all day.

We hope you will join us for this important event. 

Register below, and you’ll be sent access links the morning of the Teach In.

Invisible Histories Project Newsletter

Register Here to come listen to us! We’ll be talking about our LGBTQ+ Usage and Accessibility Survey from this spring. We haven’t fully analyzed our data yet (I stg that is the next project I’m working on!!) but we’ve pulled some insights from what we have analyzed to talk about what people are doing with their LGBTQ+ collections right now. We’ve got some basic statistics about who answered the survey, and how many have LGBTQ+ collections, then we’ll be talking about the issues the archivists surveyed are running into with making their collections more usable and accessible to the public.

The rest of the teach-in looks like it’ll be fascinating too, with many other sessions on subjects like censorship of LGBTQ+ collections and what community building looks like in the queer communities of the past and present. If you have an interest in Queer History, I definitely recommend hopping on for at least part of it! And of course, if you do catch me and Evie, let me know here!

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